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About Cleo

Cleo came into this world at about the same time as the last City elections in 2006. Since then, she has been witness to the new breed of leadership that the City of Ottawa has been privy to under the mantle of Larry O’Brien. Maybe it was the timing, or perhaps sheer coincidence, but Cleo has been a been a concerned citizen since she was old enough to run around the dog park.

She listened to the concerns of dogs, humans, and other beings at the park, and always had the time to listen to those with an opinion, a concern, or in need of some Pug love in Westboro. After much thought, self-reflection, napping, political butt-sniffing, and advice from others, Cleo decided to throw her hat into the mayoral ring.

Contact Cleo

Cleo can be reached via her blog (here), her Twitter account (with the hashtag #Cleo4Mayor), and her Facebook account. Cleo’s antics can be tracked via her Flickr account and Foursquare. If you have any other questions, email Cleo –

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