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The Puggy Gig is Up + Municipug predictions

October 25, 2010

Kids, grab your blankies because I have news that nearly blew the wrinkles off my face! I’m still in a state of shock (as captured in the photo below by my humans).

I’m not going to be mayor kids. In fact, because of some human-centric legislation, I am not even going to be on the ballot! Who is going to break the news to David @ After Stonewall? My plans for pet friendly public transportation, more dog parks, and Council meetings at a local dog agility course seem like a distant dream now.

*le sigh*

This doesn’t mean that we, as passionate and completely awesome citizens of this city should not have a truly epic city to call home. Let’s get out and vote today for the candidate who best meets your needs and wants for the your city!

Many thanks to all for your support through this campaign. I have met so many stellar peeps since I started campaigning back in August. Puggy high fives to you all!

Fear not about my future. I already have plans in the works for my next “pet” project:

Given my avid attention with this election, I think that I am pretty well situated to make a prediction or two about tonight’s outcome. Having convened with my crack team of strategists and advisers…or my team of crack readers and psychics, I foresee:

– A charming outcome with plenty of photo opportunities. The ribbon and scissor industries should be on stand by for the upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony season!

– Based on our research, The Simpsons have been renewed through to 2073, so no retirement hobbies / career aspirations will be sacrificed by this election.

– A blitz of mayoral sit-ins at various voting stations around the city. Best of luck trying to stay ahead of the non-caped stage crasher!

– Lex Luther will wake up from a drunken blitz as the CEO of a multimillion dollar company and the citizens of Ottawa will be a wee bit safer for the next four years. not Iron Man level safer, but not Apocalypse When level panicked either.

Enjoy the after parties kids! I’ll be following as many as possible on Twitter.

Cleo + scribe

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  1. A concerned feline friend permalink
    October 27, 2010 10:34 am

    Cleo! Your work is not yet done. Ottawa may be in safer paws than under the last mayor, but Toronto needs you!

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