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Passion and municipug politics

October 18, 2010

Good morning Ottawa!

Before I begin today’s, I need to send out some huge and I mean HUGE puggy high fives with snuggles to David Rimmer, proprieter of After Stonewall Books on Bank Street in Ottawa. If I can muster half the passion David has for making this city great, then we are going to be in for some remarkable times my friends!  

To put it midly, David is ready for change at city hall! To help ensure this, David endorsed our campaign in the very early days. He donated his storefront window to help spread the word about this pug, and most recently, David donated his advertising space in Capital Xtra to the Cleo4Mayor campaign efforts. My tail momentarily uncurled when I heard this! Talk about a passionate and engaged citizen. Thank you David!

Getting back to passion, are you familiar with every mayoral candidate or simply the “big four” and that lady who had to be escorted off stage at a debate? Well, we need to better than this. There are some wickedly passionnate people on the ballot that you should know about!

How do you find all of these candidates? No worries! Will Samuel is a blogger that I met on Twitter. He is an avid Clive Doucet supporter and he posted a great summary piece with links to all of the candidates web content. Check out his blog Mayoral Candidates at a Glance here.

If this campaign has taught this pug anything, it would be that Ottawa is filled with insanely creative, intelligent, and passionate people. David Rimmer and Will Samuel are two that were highlighted today, but Cesar Bello is a mayoral candidate who is running because he is still fuming about how this city handled the bus strike! Jane Scharf is a ridiculously committed advocate for a plethora of social issues in this city. How can you not want to know about these peeps? Skip Facebook twice today and check out a few new candidates.  We are down to crunch time with this election, so let’s get informed, then get out and vote!

Lastly, my humans wanted me to thank everybody for the congratulatory messages that were received via Facebook, Twitter, and email. They also promise to take this pug’s aspiring political career into consideration when planning big events!

Off to the crate for the day!

Cleo and scribe


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