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BREAKING NEWS – Scandalous Puggy Allegations

October 6, 2010

In a yet to be confirmed report, Cleo’s team has received emails alleging that she has been identified as the ringleader in an illegal vote rigging scheme where votes were being traded for fertilizer. These alleged interactions are said to have transpired in the parking lot of a Petsmart!

These allegations would make any pug’s tail uncurl. Cleo has prepared a statement in reaction to the heinous allegations. It can be found here

Until we can get to the bottom of these allegations*, Cleo will be taking some time off from blogging and other social media platforms.

Cleo would like to thank of all her supporters for their ongoing support and encouragement. In the interim, please continue to educate yourselves on all of the candidates in order to make the best decision for you and the future of our city.

Puggy high fives to you all!

Cleo’s scribe

* and by getting to the bottom of these allegations, one of Cleo’s scribe’s is getting married this weekend and the other scribe is being a most stellar human and attending the festivities. Cleo’s scribe that is getting married would like to apologize for the oversight of scheduling a wedding in the midst of a municipal election campaign!

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