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Cleo4Mayor vs. O’Brien

September 24, 2010

Recently, my good friend David Rimmer, was highlighted in a great article in Capital Xtra by Noreen Fagan. Puggy high fives to both David and Noreen for some great work. My humans worked really hard to make my Glee meets Andy Warhol vision a reality. Today’s blog will be spent expanding on some of the reasons why Mr. O’Brien is a go to target for my campaign.

I convinced my humans to let me run for mayor because they believe that I can do a better job at leading this city than our current mayor. To this end, I don’t think that we have framed the Cleo4mayor campaign as an anti-Larry campaign, but a campaign to highlight how easy and important it is to participate in municipal government.

If you haven’t already seen Mr. O’Brien’s video announcing his bid to run for re-election, then I suggest you check it out. Every time I watch it, I can’t help of think of another politician…

Is Ottawa prepared to endure another term with this level and style of leadership?  This Pug certainly hopes not! I spent a lot of time snuggled up with my nerdier human following Obama’s election and I was amazed at the opportunities presented to the average citizen to have a voice, and participate in government. Massive examples of small actions, huge levels of engagement and participation and a simple, back to basic Yes We Can mentality is what this city needs and deserves!

I have blogged at length about the relative failure of most candidate’s to effectively leverage social media. Nobody, but nobody has failed more spectacularly than our current mayor. Consistently reporting inaccuracies, pseudo-spamming, and not engaging with citizens are the tip of the iceberg!

Elections are a democratic exercise that this pug holds near and dear to my puggy heart. I acknowledge that our current mayor may be re-elected.  Should this be the case, then we have a responsible to hold Mr. O’Brien accountable for his actions and his inactions.  The same holds true of any of the candidates. Mr. O’Brien has simply proven, time and time again that he requires a very short leash and copious amounts of remedial training!

Puggy high five to all of you!

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