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Citizen engagement done right

September 15, 2010

Huge Puggy high five to David Chernushenko for this great parody of the Old Spice commercials. Check it out, forward it to your friends, call your Mom and tell her about this, blog about, tweet about, and should you dare – try your paw at your own parody.

In other puggy news, have you been downtown to see After Stonewall? if not, then bark at your human while circling their feet until they get the idea. If need be, drag him/her/them to 370 Bank street already!  Trust us, it will be worth the walk.

We are still waiting to hear from Larry O’Brien and his team about the window.  Maybe he hasn’T had a chance to bring Remi (his pooch) by yet! We think that we got Larry’s good side with the pictures used.  Don’t you?

Puggy high fives to everybody for the emails, comments, tweets and other Puggy love.  The mayoral race is really heating up, so this Pug needs to dig in and take it up a notch.

Puggy high five.

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