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shaking paws and chatting with small business owner David Rimmer

September 10, 2010

With talk of the upcoming municipal election heating up, Cleo stopped by After Stonewall, on Bank street to chat up the owner, David Rimmer. Cleo and David can talk politics like it’s nobody’s business and this election is no exception. Public transit, taxes, cycling, urban green space and unifying city council provide more than enough fodder when these two sit down to chew the fat! The views of Ottawa citizens are important to Cleo, so she decided to share them on her blog. As a small business owner in the city core for the past 12 years, David has seen and heard it all. In some cases, he has seen and heard it more times than he cares to admit.

Without further ado, here is Cleo’s interview with David:

1 – What should people know about David Rimmer?

Retired nurse originally from Western Canada, settled in Ottawa 20 years ago have been operating After Stonewall, Ottawa’s GLBT bookstore for 20 years, last 12 on Bank St.

2 – If you were in charge of creating a highlight reel of the past four years with our current mayor, what would it look like?

  • The mayor’s stealing of the last election with the vacuous promise of zero means zero resulting in his nickname of Mayor Zero.
  • His inability to negotiate a quick resolution to the collapse of Somerset House resulting in a prolonged Bank St closure. His arrogant refusal to come to any kind of early agreement with the OC Transpo resulting in a major loss of business in the downtown core.
  • His failed attempt to increase metered parking times downtown which would have resulted in less business for restaurants and churches as well as small stores.
  • His condescending approach to homelessness and persons on assistance.
  • His attempt to rally voters to his cause by promising to freeze workers wages.
  • His refusal to excuse himself from office while under criminal investigation.

Enough is enough. Anyone(dog) but Mayor Zero!

3 – What could Cleo do as mayor for small business owners in Ottawa?

Cleo would bring a paws on approach and common touch to city politics. She would bring a spirit of compromise and communal respect to the table. She’d look great in the chain of office! She won’t be “wagging her dick” at opponents as our classy Mayor Zero stated he was doing when confronted by Kilrea (see filmed police interview).

Clearly, David Rimmer is a man who is as passionate about this city as Cleo and is equally passionate about seeing a necessary change.

Puggy high five to David for taking the time to sit down and chat with Cleo. Each and every conversation sheds new light on a situation. Cleo is committed to making this city great – one conversation, tweet and email at a time!


David Rimmer has graciously provided Cleo with the front window of his store to help get the word out about the upcoming election. Now Cleo may not be able to pack 600 people into a room legally meant for 250, but that math comes from the same guy that raised taxes 14% when he promised zero increases. Just saying.

Break out the digital cameras, smart phones and any other gadget that will take a photo. Cleo is an avid fan of Glee as well as the work of Andy Warhol. She has pulled from these to passions to create a truly Pugtastic art piece to engage citizens, foster conversations, and poke a little fun at the same time. The piece will be up for the start of business Saturday, September 11th. Call your mom, tweet your roommate and mark your iCal…endars because we are looking to get some attention with this. Sometimes, a Pug has to do, what a Pug has to do!

For those of you who cannot wait a minute more for the opportunity to show their Pug Pride, the wait is over my friends! Vote4Cleo posters have arrived! Super puggy high five to the stellar volunteer that did all of Cleo’s graphic design work.

The countdown has begun. What is a priority for you this election? What candidate can get the job done? Cast your vote on Oct. 25th!

Cleo’s scribe

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  1. Pierre Bédard permalink
    September 17, 2010 10:44 am

    My vote goes to Cleo, no doubt about it!

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