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A Pug can really get a round!

August 29, 2010

Good morning everybody!

Happy Pride to everybody celebrating this weekend. I was out at the Dyke March yesterday and it was great to see such an awesome sense of community. Puggy high fives to the organizing committee on a pugstastic job!

For those of you following the campaign, Cleo is getting noticed by some pretty awesome bloggers.  Check out some of the blog posts here:

Spacing Ottawa: The Dog Days of Summer

Bombay Duck: And in Other Squeeworthy news

Miss Vicky’s Offhand Remarks: Off The Cuff

After the first week of campaigning, Cleo has over 150 friends on Facebook, over 60 followers on Twitter and nearly 1000 hits to the blog. We can’t tell you how humbled and proud Cleo is. Let’s face it, Pugs are a proud breed to begin with.

All this love for the municipug election is further proof that this city is filled with amazingly creative, innovative and intelligent citizens with oodles of ideas on how to make this city great.  If you would like to share your ideas or voice your opinions, please feel free to:

leave a comment here at the blog;

email Cleo (,

poke (FB only – Cleo McMartin), or

tweet Cleo (@Cleo4Mayor)

Cleo’s scribes answer every comment, email, tweet and post as soon as they can!

This Pug got a wee bit too much sun yesterday at the Dyke March.  Off to cool off in the kiddie pool with cheddar and bacon freezies.

Puggy high five.

Cleo’s scribe.

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