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Some reasons why Cleo is the better candidate

August 27, 2010

“Cleo is not just ridiculously cute (and amazing at napping). She has the political savvy of a Rousseau-Trudeau-Jane Jacobs-Cesar Milan-Jon Stewart chimera.”

– Concerned Political Theorist, August 25, 2010

  • Cleo has never been to court for bribery charges
  • Cleo never tried to give herself a $32,000 raise whilst campaigning on a platform of fiscal responsibility
  • Cleo has never inserted a business kiosk under a bridge as a means to deal with youth homelessness. Instead of creating a “businesslike look” to deal with homelessness, Cleo supports enhancing social programs.
  • Cleo has never compared panhandlers to pigeons. Ever.
  • Cleo understands that Ottawa is snowy in the winter. She has to wear special booties and everything. They keep the salt out of her paws. Therefore, you can expect that Cleo will not underestimate the snow removal budget during her years in power.
  • Pugs are renowned for curly tails and their fiscal responsibility. Did you know that pugs have to consciously keep their tail curly? Cleo is capable of juggling many issues at once, and will take a nuanced approach to taxes — you can expect Cleo to not make promises she cannot keep.

For many Ottawa citizens, Cleo is obviously the best situated candidate for the position of Top Dog. Please include other reasons why Cleo is the better candidate in the comment box below.

Onward and upwards my friends. Onwards and upwards!

Cleo4Mayor 2010

Cleo’s Scribe

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  1. Sue McCarthy permalink
    August 27, 2010 8:23 am

    She has an honest face and big brown puppy-dog eyes

  2. August 28, 2010 3:55 pm

    So true. And thanks for the comment, Sue!

  3. Christa permalink
    August 28, 2010 8:43 pm

    I fully support and encourage her idea/ thought of “snuggles can fix any problem!” I think that if the other candidates thought along these lines, it would be a better city we lived in!!

  4. August 29, 2010 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Christa. And for contributing. Always good to hear what the people want.

    Cleo’s scribe.


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